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We Love Cities.

"A city is not gauged by its length and width, but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams."

More than 61 million people live in our 100 largest cities; include communities of 100,000 or more and you’re talking about nearly a third of our population.

These city-dwelling Americans often have different priorities — and use different rhetoric to describe them — than their suburban and rural counterparts. But if anything, the burden they face from heavy-handed local and regional government is even more severe than broader statehouse or even federal fights.

The Better Cities Project helps people in America’s largest cities live free, happy lives. We uncover what works, promote solutions, and forge partnerships that turn ideas into results.

From education and taxation to property rights, the right to earn a living and other topics, the potential for prosperity is regularly attacked — either by antagonistic elected officials or the army of self-interested cronies, special interests and rent seekers that benefit from the status quo. We identify and advance policy solutions in seven areas crucial to any city:

Economic Prosperity

Transportation and Infrastructure

Criminal Justice and Public Safety


Energy and Environment

Community, Growth and Housing

Clean, Fair and Open Government

It is here, at the intersection of engaged citizens, local leaders seeking real solutions and sound, results-driven policy, where the Better Cities Project does its work.

And that work is nothing less than ensuring America’s city dwellers have access to innovative, effective and market-oriented policy solutions, even if they don’t come through Washington or the statehouse.

It is a simple, achievable, and wholly game changing vision.

Combining the organizational DNA of a traditional think tank with the responsiveness of a community organizing operation, the Better Cities Project is creating something new, effective and ultimately enduring on the public-policy landscape.

We hope you’ll join us.

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